Key Concepts

Definitions for features within The Box.


The Box aggregates bridge routes from Layer Zero, Axelar, Wormhole, and Decent's bridge that is optimized for payments to fetch the fastest and cheapest routes between tokens and chains.

Bridges connect two different blockchains and facilitate the exchange of assets and information (calldata) between them.

Decent's architecture is designed to provide users with the fastest and cheapest route for users' desired transaction. We selectively aggregate trustworthy bridges to source the best route without exposing users to long-tail bridge risk. We also maintain our own token bridge to flexibly support new networks, mitigate dependencies, and optimize the full stack for payments.


The Box aggregates DEX liquidity to fetch the best routes to execute swaps.

Swaps are a simple way to trade one ERC-20 token for another using an automated market maker mechanism.

Box Component Overview

Developers can use The Box's functions to create their own modal (see Box Hooks); however, we provide an out-of-the-box interface that depicts all of the key user options. Below, please find descriptions for each:

  1. Source Chain Selector: The Box supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon, and Solana. Users can connect to any of these six chains that they might hold funds on to execute transactions with tokens from that chain.
  2. Contract address: the contract address the user is interacting with as well as the chain of that address. This improves transaction legibility by depicting the transaction destination.
  3. Transaction Price: the base price of the transaction before gas fees. This price will always be denominated in the transaction payment token.
  4. Source Token Selector: users can pick from tokens that they have on the selected source chain. Users are only able to select tokens of which they have a sufficient balance to execute the transaction.
  5. Transaction Price: the fully weighted cost of the transaction, including the price of the transaction, gas fees, and transaction fees.
  6. Optimal Route: The Box sources the cheapest route from a user's selected source chain and token to destination action.
  7. Expected Fees: each transaction incurs gas, bridge, and application fees. Gas fees are required by blockchains to compensate validators for processing transactions. These are shown in you wallet when signing transactions but not The Box's fee estimation popover. Bridge fees represent Stargate's nominal take rate. Application fees represent The Box's flat fee for processing certain transactions, described below.
  1. Slippage: the price variation you are willing to accept in the event that the price of the trade changes while it is processing. It results from changing token prices caused by the total movement of the market. If the trade fails due to too-low slippage, your transaction will be refunded. Higher slippage tolerances increase the likelihood that your transaction will be executed; however, you might get fewer tokens than expected when swapping. To account for this risk, The Box will quote you a higher transaction fee to ensure you receive the required number of tokens. Any unused tokens will be refunded. All refunds will be executed in the native token of the destination chain (e.g., if you were bridging ETH from Optimism to purchase an NFT on Arbitrum, the refund will be remunerated in ETH on Arbitrum).


For transactions with a higher likelihood for failure (such as hotly contested NFT mints), bridge and/or swap transactions through The Box might revert. If a transaction fails, tokens will be refunded to the user net of any gas fees. Note: if a transaction fails following a bridge, tokens will be refunded on the destination chain in the bridged token to maximize the amount of money returned.


The Box charges 0.00044 ETH on Arbitrum, Base, Zora, Optimism, Avalanche, Moonbeam, and Fantom, 0.00077 ETH on Ethereum, and 0.81 MATIC on Polygon for transactions that require a bridge or a swap. There are no fees on direct transactions.

There are no subscription or API usage-based fees for development teams.

Integration Questions?

If you have any integration questions, reach out and a support dev will help!
email: [email protected], twitter: @decentxyz