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Decent Checkout

Decent Checkout is our hosted application that meshes cross-chain swaps, transaction execution, and on & off-ramping. Users can visit Decent's application to swap between networks and complete onchain actions, like depositing into DeFi pools or purchasing NFTs. Developers can embed Decent Checkout in their applications to onboard users via Decent's bridge or onramp.


The Decent application provides a single interface to swap tokens, bridge between chains, complete onchain transactions, onramp, and offramp. It is designed to be a friendly interface to bridge fragmented user experiences at key junctures. Try it out! We hope this becomes your primary application to manage your token balances across chains.


Please see instructions to add Checkout to your application here. Checkout exists as a pop-up, similarly to a Plaid link, that can be pre-populated with information like a specified token and chain, wallet address, etc. with URL query parameters. When embedded, we typically recommend that developers direct users to complete just one action. Although this window can technically facilitate the full scope of Checkout's features, users should be directed into just an onramp or swap flow (for example) for the best experience.

Chains & Networks

Integrating with Decent automatically enables support for your network within our on & offramp and cross-chain swaps products.