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What is Decent?

Decent enables seamless swaps and one-click transactions using any token across chains. For example, users can:

  • Purchase NFTs on RARI using WETH on Base
  • Supply USDC liquidity on Arbitrum using Worldcoin (WLD) on Optimism
  • Onramp directly to DAI on Zora using a credit or debit card

As applications splinter across an increasing number of rollups and app chains, wallets and apps will have to meet users where they are vs. expecting users to jump through hoops to arrive with tokens on the correct network.

Decent abstracts all of the complexities associated with various chains and tokens, so user activity can seamlessly scale with the number of chains. Decent meets users where they are to create a unified experience across chains.

Why Decent?

Any token on any chain

Decent enables users to transact with any token in their wallet. Our cross-chain swaps route through leading decentralized exchanges so that interacting on any chain or app in crypto is the same easy, one-click experience, no matter what tokens users have in their wallets.

Decent can support any token on any chain's first day, providing users with market leading coverage for cross-chain swaps and point of sale execution.

End-to-end coverage

Decent provides a web of connectivity at key junctures of users’ cross-chain journeys. We bridge fragmented liquidity in four complementary offerings:

  • The point of sale - users should never have to leave the checkout flow!!
  • Moving tokens between chains
  • Onramping to a new chain
  • Offramping from a new chain

Decent is the most comprehensive solution in the market, providing all-in-one coverage for key interoperability needs. We remove all of the friction between your users deciding to transact and actually being able to do so.

Fast, cheap, and composable execution

Decent is fast and cheap for users. Transactions confirm on the source chain in 1-2 seconds, and settle in 5 to 30 seconds. Each transaction costs between 5 cents and $1.50 depending on the complexity of the transaction.

The end-to-end cross-chain process occurs onchain, meaning Decent can plug into other protocols seamlessly while keeping your transaction flow entirely transparent and auditable.

To top it off, we serve all of your transaction information for you (exportable) in your account in the Developer Console.

Built for the point of sale

Decent's APIs are fully generalized, and compatible with any arbitrary smart contract. This means any app can implement one-click checkout within their existing user flow, no matter the function.

Beyond transaction execution, Decent provides comprehensive tooling around the point of sale.

  • Charge fees and split them among recipients
  • Analyze revenue data
  • Analyze user data
  • Build highly customizable interfaces, leveraging a UI library of customizable React components for token & chain selectors, user balance hooks, and more standard pieces

Applications can also flexibly charge fees on transactions at the point of sale.

Scale without liquidity constraints

Most bridges can only scale transaction volume as quickly as they can scale liquidity because they require tokens on the destination chain to complete the transaction. This means your application is typically subject to the constraints of the bridge.

Typical solutions mitigate this constraint introduce new security risks via wrapped assets or centralized actors. Decent scales without constraints or incremental security risks by supplementing our liquidity with canonical bridges. Our unique design enables us to trustlessly support any new chain on its first day without liquidity constraints.

Best-in-class developer experience

Our Developer Console provides a no-code transaction builder where you can simply enter your contract address and its chain ID. Get the code snippet for your integration spun up in seconds, and you can be sending transactions cross-chain in minutes.

Additionally, the Console enables developers to create an manage API keys & teams, view transaction analytics, and set fees.

Get Started

Create an account in the Developer Console, and get starter code to implement cross-chain swaps and/or cross-chain transactions in minutes.

If you have any further questions about why Decent, our founders and core team are happy to chat with you directly. Reach out to [email protected] or DM us on Twitter.