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Analyze Transactions


The "Analytics" page within the Developer Console logs and aggregates data for every transaction that passes through our cross-chain routing within your app. This includes:

  • Source chain
  • Destination chain
  • Wallet address
  • Transaction value
  • Contract address

The console tracks analytics on:

  • Total Cumulative Transactions
  • Transaction Volume
  • Unique Users
  • Fee Revenue
  • Percentage of Transactions with a Swap

Better metrics, Better system

By enabling purchase with any token on any chain you can grow your transaction volume, and keep up with users anywhere. With Decent's tooling around the cross-chain APIs you can save time and money managing and tracking your revenue. Tap into savings and growth everywhere.

Decent Scan APIs

The Decent Scan APIs (which power the analytics experience) can be hit directly to get all transaction data, status and confirmations, and more.