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User Onboarding to New Chains & Wallets

Many applications try to create user accounts to improve the user experience. Some common use cases include applications deploying embedded wallets for users, DeFi platforms onboarding users into vaulted accounts, and applications deploying their own chains.

Decent streamlines user onboarding by enabling users to swap directly into the application's required token(s) and fill this application account.

  1. Developers can embed Decent's onboarding modal in account creation and profile pages.
  2. Developers can specify a target token (e.g., USDC on Arbitrum) and wallet address (e.g., a new Privy wallet) as the destination.
  3. Users can connect an existing EOA and view all of their token balances across chains.
  4. Users can select a target balance and enter an amount to transfer.
  5. In one click, users can onboard directly into their account!

Key supplementary links:

  1. Demo implementation
  2. React Native implementation guide

Component Props

ParameterDescriptionType (see examples below)Required
apiKeyTarget contract's chain ID.ChainIdtrue
wagmiConfigConfiguration for your wagmi client.Config *imported from @wagmi/coretrue
onConnectWalletCallback function to handle connecting wallets from the modal.() => voidtrue
chainIdsOptionally support only a subset of Decent chains.ChainId[]false
classNameTailwind CSS styling.stringfalse
onDstTokenSelectedCallback function to update state based on dst token selection.(t: TokenInfo) => voidfalse
onSrcTokenSelectedCallback function to update state based on src token selection.(t: TokenInfo) => voidfalse
receiverAddressAddress to receive the swapped funds. Will default to connected address.0x${string}false
selectedSrcTokenForce specific source token.SelectedChainOrTokenfalse
selectedDstTokenForce specific destination token.SelectedChainOrTokenfalse
sendInfoTooltipText for the tooltip to explain destination for transaction.stringfalse

Sample Implementation

Below is an example of how to style and install the Onboarding Modal.

Please be sure to view the Getting Started section before progressing through these steps.

Step one (optional): Write a custom theme for the modal

Import the BoxThemeProvider at the top of your component tree. You can either write your own custom theme or import Decent's darkMode as an alternative styling option.

import "";
import { BoxThemeProvider } from "";
// Eligible theme elements that you may choose to customize.
export const onboardingDarkTheme = {
  mainBgColor: '#121212',
  mainTextColor: '#ffffff',
  lighterBgColor: '#1B1B1B',
  tokenSwapCardBgColor: '#1B1B1B',
  buyBtnBgColor: '#8236FD',
  buyBtnTextColor: '#ffffff',
  switchBtnBgColor: '#3A3842',
  tokenDialogHoverColor: '#444444',
  boxSubtleColor1: '#605E6E',
  borderColor: '#27252B',
  loadShineColor1: '#121212',
  loadShineColor2: '#333333',
  greenBadgeTextColor: '#11BC91',
  greenBadgeBgColor: '#123129',
  yellowBadgeTextColor: '#FF8B31',
  yellowBadgeBgColor: '#3D2818',
  blueBadgeBgColor: '#256AF633',
  blueBadgeTextColor: '#256AF6',
  circleLinkChainColor: '#9969FF',
  circleLinkBgColor: '#261D3C',
  borderRadius: '0',
  buyBtnBorderRadius: '999px',
function MyApp({ Component, pageProps }: AppProps) {
  return (
    <BoxThemeProvider theme={onboardingDarkTheme}>
      <Component {...pageProps} />  

Step two: Import the Onboarding Modal into the appropriate page or component

The Onboarding Modal requires a wagmiConfig and handler to connect your wallet. Please visit this section of wagmi's docs to reference how you can use wagmi with popular third party wallet connection libraries like RainbowKit, ConnectKit, and others. Your wallet connection library will include an import similar to the useConnectModal hook depicted here.

import { SwapModal } from "";
import { useConnectModal } from "@rainbow-me/rainbowkit";
import { wagmiConfig } from '../your_wagmi_config_path';
const Component = () => {
  const { openConnectModal } = useConnectModal();
  return (
      apiKey={process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_DECENT_API_KEY as string}
      sendInfoTooltip={`You're fillling your application wallet!`}
        chainId: ChainId.BASE,
        tokenInfo: getNativeTokenInfo(ChainId.BASE),