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How it Works

Decent is a cross-chain routing provider that creates a web of connectivity across disparate chains and tokens.

Decent returns users' balances across chains and calculates the optimal route from where users have a tokens to the destination token or contract with which they are trying to interact.

Decent calculates cross-chain routes across aggregated decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and bridges. Our routing is uniquely designed to be fast and cheap enough that we can abstract the complexities of bridging and swapping directly at the point of sale.

Transaction Flow

  1. User signals a transaction intent and deposits a sufficient amount of tokens to complete the transaction.

  2. Decent builds a transaction that fulfills the user's intent on the destination chain using tokens deposited on the source chain.

  3. The assembled transaction will take different routes depending on its complexity. For example, cross-chain swaps are much more straightforward than calling smart contract functions across chains. Transactions that do not require a bridge and / or swap are much more straightforward than those that do.

  4. Applications using Decent can flexibly set front-end fees and split fees among any number of recipients. All fee data is included in the assembled transaction and streamed to recipients as part of the transaction's execution.

  5. Decent issues a receipt of the transaction to the user.