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Developer Console

Dev Console Analytics

The Developer Console provides developers with a powerful, low-lift integration and transaction management experience. In the Playground, Developers can input their contracts to generate code blocks for Decent transactions and even send test transactions. Teams can also view their transactions and key analytics by applications, providing unparalleled visibility into transaction and user activity.

It is just another part of what makes going cross-chain with Decent a no-brainer.

Get Started

Create your free account here and accept transactions in any token from any chain in your app in minutes.

Features include:

  • Self-serve API key creation
  • Customizable fee management
  • Revenue and user analytics
  • No-code playground to build transactions and create code snippets - implementation takes just minutes!

Self-serve and no-code

Create an account in our Developer Console (for free) to spin up API key(s) for your app(s). In the Playground, input a few transaction and contract parameters into the no-code template to receive a ready-to-implement code snippet. Be up and running with cross-chain transactions in less than 5 minutes.

Fee management

Use the no-code fee manager to set your own fixed or variable fees to start collecting revenue from your transactions. Optionally add multiple addresses for fee splits and customizable fees by API key.

Transaction and user analytics

Receive real time data and analytics on every transaction going through your platform in the Analytics tab of the Developer Console. Filter via data inputs by user addresses or chain, view transactions values in ETH or USD, and export data from custom date ranges to CSV files.