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Cross-Chain Swaps


Decent enables users to seamlessly swap between any tokens across supported chains. It's the fastest and cheapest way to move between any tokens with DeFi liquidity.

How to Use


Decent hosts a cross-chain swap modal, which users can visit here.


Decent's swap modal is available as a React component that you can customize and embed directly in your application. Common use cases for the embedded swap modal include:

  • Creating a bridge and / or swap interface in your application
  • Onboarding to a new chain: specify a destination token for users to swap into
  • Onboarding to a new wallet: transfer tokens to the address of your new wallet


L2s and L3s: New Networks

If you're a new network and are looking for a cross-chain swap solution to onboard users to your ecosystem, we're the perfect fit for you. Decent has stood up day 1 support for Orbit stack L3s Degen Chain (on Base) and RARI Chain (on Arbitrum). We're the default bridge to Degen L3 and helped onboard over $50 million and 45K unique users to chain in its first five days.

Degen Chain

alt text


alt text

Get started

  • Create an account or log into the Developer Console
  • Have questions?
    • Chat with a live support member through our on-site messenger (in the lower right-hand corner)
    • Email [email protected]