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Wallet Onboarding

Decent seamlessly integrates with leading MPC and embedded wallet providers, such as Privy and Capsule, to provide a frictionless onboarding experience for new users. While these companies make it easy for users to create wallets, Decent complements their offerings by providing the easiest way to fund those wallets with any token across chains. Decent's Onramp is the easiest way to fund an embedded wallet or purchase crypto with fiat from credit card or bank account, especially on L2s and L3s.

Why does this matter?

  • Seamless onboarding: By partnering with Privy and Capsule, Decent enables new users to create wallets and fund them with their preferred tokens in a single, streamlined process. This removes barriers to entry, and encourages wider adoption of your application.
  • Flexibility: Users can choose to fund their new wallets with any token they hold, regardless of the chain it originates from. This flexibility empowers users to interact with dApps on their preferred chains without the need to navigate complex token swaps or bridge transactions manually.
  • Enhanced user experience: The integration of Decent's cross-chain swaps and one-click transactions with Privy and Capsule's user-friendly wallet creation process results in a superior user experience. This can lead to higher user retention and engagement, driving the growth of applications and the broader crypto ecosystem.
  • Increased liquidity: By making it simple for users to move tokens across chains, or onchain from fiat, Decent helps to increase liquidity on the chains supported by Privy and Capsule. This benefits the entire ecosystem by facilitating more seamless transactions and fostering greater user participation.

We've also built embedded wallet support directly into our Decent Onramp so that even new users without wallets can get tokens onchain in 2 minutes.

Get Started

Try the Onramp in the Decent App.