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Fiat On & Offramps

Buy crypto with your credit card or dollars from your bank account. In one click, offramp your crypto back into your bank account.

Decent has partnered with leading on & offramp solutions, Stripe and Ansible Labs (Beam), to extend their services to all supported chains and networks. With a single click, users can onramp their fiat to any token on any chain or offramp their token balance to their bank account, regardless of the chain they're on.

End-to-end Suite of Products: When Decent adds support for a new chain, that chain automatically gets fiat on and offramp compatibility through Decent in addition to the fast bridging, cross-chain swaps, and cross-chain transactions.

Why does this matter?

  • Keeping pace with rollups: Layer 2 & 3 networks and user adoption are experiencing exponential growth. While incumbent on and offramp solutions struggle to support these new chains, Decent is uniquely positioned to integrate with emerging ecosystems, ensuring your app can always reach the widest possible audience.
  • Streamlining user experience and reducing costs: As users enter the crypto space, they shouldn't have to go through multiple steps to receive their desired token on their preferred chain. Onramping into native tokens and then navigating to a different site for swaps is counterintuitive. By integrating Decent into the flow, users can access any token on any supported chain with a single click.

Use Cases

  • Consumer crypto onboarding: The Decent Onramp, built with Stripe as a fiat provider, has been integrated into consumer crypto onboarding flows like, helping non-crypto native users receive their first crypto.
  • Multichain offramp integration: Beam's Offramp, powered by Ansible Labs, has been integrated into apps on Base, such as Drakula, the latest Farcaster-aligned short-video app. Thanks to Decent's integration on the backend, Beam offers Base and other multichain extendability.


The Decent Onramp, built with Stripe as a fiat provider, is the fastest way to get crypto from your bank account to any L2. Learn more here.


Beam from Ansible Labs leverages Decent's cross-chain routing, allowing users to offramp from any chain to their bank account in a single transaction. Learn more here.