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Rewards and Incentives

Traditional protocol-level fees have limited the ability of frontend developers to benefit from building new interfaces and apps. However, recent trends have shown that frontend fees can help builders capture and distribute value in more aligned ways. In the crypto space, brand and distribution are the biggest moats; platforms should be able to earn from what they've built without hassle.

Decent's Fee Manager enables platforms to set their own fees and earn from the attention and activity they capture, out of the box. Our built-in Splits feature allows for the addition and subtraction of multiple wallet addresses, enabling the creation of rewards programs, referrals, and more without the need for coding.

Example: Gamified Referral Program

Imagine a decentralized social media platform that wants to incentivize user growth through a gamified referral program. Using Decent's Fee Manager, the platform can easily set up a system where users earn points for each new user they refer. These points can then be converted into a percentage of the platform's transaction fees, which are automatically distributed to the referrers' wallets using the Splits feature.

Why This Matters: Capturing Value and Driving Growth

In the crypto, brand and distribution are the key differentiators. Applications should be able to benefit from every transaction made on their platform without having to build complicated wrappers on underlying protocols to capture revenue. Decent's Fee Manager makes this possible by allowing apps to set their own fees without any coding required.

By enabling transactions with any token and providing an easy way to add custom fees, Decent empowers apps to capture more users and supercharge their revenue. Referral and incentive programs, like the gamified example above, can be set up quickly and easily, driving user growth and engagement.

Decent's Fee Manager and Splits feature provide a powerful toolkit for platforms looking to create incentive programs, drive growth, and capture value.

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